Winter Experiences in Le Marche

… Nature …Snow …Falls and at the end Finnish Sauna, Jacuzzi and Relax

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The best Italian white wine 2023 from our Region, Le Marche ðŸ”

The best quality for the wines of the Marche: according to Il Gambero Rosso, the most important Italian food and wine magazine, the Three Glasses are twenty-three. Three glasses means top quality wine. In the foreground, the white symbol of the region, Verdicchio which again this year is the best white wine in Italy.
Come and visit us: we will be able to suggest you the most beautiful experiences in the cellar.

Per le Marche del vino, secondo Il Gambero Rosso, la più importante rivista enogastronomica italiana, i Tre bicchieri sono ventitré. Tre bicchieri significa vino al top della qualità. In primissimo piano il bianco simbolo della regione, il Verdicchio che anche quest’anno è il vino bianco più buono d’Italia.
Vieni a trovarci: sapremo suggerirti le più belle esperienze in cantina.

In primissimo piano il bianco simbolo della regione, il Verdicchio, nelle due denominazioni, i Castelli di Jesi e Matelica (16 premi su 23). E tra i Verdicchi i Castelli di Jesi dominano con 12 corone a 4. Vediamoli: Ambrosia Riserva 2019 di Vignamato, Franz Riserva 2019 di Tenuta di Frà, Lauro Riserva 2019 di Poderi Mattioli, Misco Riserva 2019 di Tenuta di Tavignano, Plenio Riserva 2020 di Umani Ronchi, Rincrocca Riserva 2019 di La Staffa, San Paolo Riserva 2019 di Pievalta, San Sisto Riserva 2019 di Tenuta San Sisto, Utopia Riserva 2019 di Montecappone – Mirizzi, Il Cantico della figura Riserva 2019 di Andrea Felici, Villa Bucci Riserva 2019 di Villa Bucci, Il priore 2020 di Sparapani-Frati bianchi. Poi i quattro di Matelica: il Cambrugiano Riserva 2019 di Belisario, il Collestefano 2021 di Collestefano, il Vertis 2020 di Borgo Paglianetto, il Vigna Fogliano 2019 di Bisci. Ma l’onda bianchista non si ferma qui: tra i premiati ci sono anche tre Pecorini, a conferma degli investimenti in qualità delle cantine marchigiane su un vino sempre più premiato dal mercato. I premi vanno a Falerio Pecorino Onirocep 2021 di Pantaleone, a Offida Pecorino 2021 di Tenuta Santori e a Offida Pecorino Artemisia 2021 di Tenuta Spinelli.

Le Marche: castles and wines

Marche, from “Mark” which in German means border, the distance from the center of imperial power favored the birth of municipal autonomies which later, between ‘300 and’ 400, generated the constitution of states and autonomous areas ruled by families in perennial struggle. These historical events explain the spread of fortresses and castles in the region, able to leave their visitors speechless for the incredible landscape, artistic and architectural heritage they reserve and for the history they bear witness to. We could offer you a journey to discover the most authentic Marche: a land that excites and allows you to live an experience made of a thousand shades, appreciable in their purity and genuineness. Co-protagonists of this trip will be the wines and wineries of our region. The strong and fussy character of the inhabitants could not fail to give the wine of the Marche characteristics on a par with better known names and its land, an indisputable vocation. From the Malatesta to the Montefeltro passing through the Lordship of the Sforza. From Verdicchio to Passerina to Pecorino. Analogies, stories and curiosities of a territory to discover … and to taste


“Where there is no wine there is no love.”

Our 2022 new friends Jarka and Hendrik

Slow Wine rather rich for Le Marche in 2019: for the first time in fact Slow Wine assigns three special prizes to the winemakers present in the guide and two are from the Marche

Alessandro Fenino receives the award for sustainable viticulture. The organic and biodynamic farming of Cantina Pievalta in Maiolati Spontini (An) in the Marche region, practiced without exaggerated ideologies, has allowed to obtain wines with a strong personality respecting the varietal identity of the grapes.

Ampelio Bucci, instead, of the company Villa Bucci of Ostra Vetere (An) has made the history of high quality Verdicchio, creating wines that can challenge the passing of time.

The Wineries and Wines awarded


Sunny days … gorgeous Region: Le Marche, Italy

Truffles time in Le Marche

Le Marche is the heart of white truffle season, which means one thing: it’s time to program a tuber hunting.

Ancient Romans believed that the truffle was created when lightning struck damp earth.

We know that the small tuber grows underground in the wild forests of northern and central Italy.

In Le Marche we maintain the magic of the truffle, referring to the earthy and aromatic ingredient as “a diamond of the kitchen,” or “the gem of poor lands.”

Truffles cannot be planted or tamed, so each variety is only available a few months out of the year. These fragrant fungi taste best fresh, so plan to enjoy white truffles from September to December, winter black truffles from December to early March and summer black from May to August.

The best friend of truffle is a good wine: I prefer Rosso Piceno, a full-bodied red wine from Le Marche; other friends prefer Verdicchio, the most red of Italian white wines.

One morning in Frasassi

5 min. from our villa … just walking

you like walking ? 
You love biking ?

in just 5 minutes from our villa you will be satisfied by splendid views towards the hills of Le Marche Region and the mountains on the border with Umbria.

places to discover, beauties to see

Terra da sognare, terra da vivere

“Appennino umbro-marchigiano, terre da sogno che ho la fortuna di poter percorrere nella realtà 💚” cit. Claudio Vitaletti

Sì !!!! la fortuna di percorrere queste terre, ma aggiungerei anche la fortuna di viverle.

La nostra è una proposta di TURISMO ATTIVO, per chi ama ricevere adrenalina da un territorio poco antropizzato e ancora per certi versi selvaggio; oppure, di TURISMO SLOW per chi preferisce esperienze più sensoriali, magari gustando un calice di Verdicchio o un salame dop di Fabriano

Autumn leaves …

Colors at Le Perelle villa … waiting for better days