Skylines from Marche, Italia

If you gaze at the skyline,
at the hour of twilight,
you will see the thin line
dividing dark from light.
In this hour of darkness,
beneath the starlight,
watch as dawn breaks,
then breaches the horizon.
In this moment at sunrise,
your mind will arrive,
to the presence of daybreak,
and the blessings of first light.
In this hour of daylight,
your mind will realize,
we must see the darkness,
in order to see the light.

“TWILIGHT”  by Hannah

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Take Le Marche, the green and pleasant region of Italy located halfway up the country’s eastern, Adriatic shore. Do we refer to it in English, as “The Marches”? Do we call it plain “Marche”, half of its official title, Regione Marche? Or do we simply leave it in standard Italian, as “Le Marche” ?

It’s not important the name: this Region is a flower, beautiful like our garden

Sports between Marche and Umbria

A rucksack and away you go in Appenines between Marche and Umbria!

You are ready to go to the discovery of wonderful views, unvisited caves, cliffs, peaks and meadows. Walking, by bicycle or on horse back, enjoy amazing excursions and discoveries hand in hand with a flourishing natural environment.

For the braver visitors: a flight with a plane, handgliding or paragliding, downhill, canyoning or climbing in Frasassi Park.

For children: a suspended bridge and fall climbing among the rocks of a wild and headstrong river.

If you are not a daredevil, here you can also have soft hiking with guides, mountain bike school, equestrian tourism along the trails inside the Monte Cucco Regional park…and much more.
Visit us, enjoy your holiday at Le Perelle.